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Who we are

We are three mans who actually work with all-terrain vehicles. Two mechanics, and one “generalist” – the head, who can take the tool in hand. That is why my Clients have no reason to doubt: they are talking to a person who really knows the vehicles.

Our products and services

The BV-206 is our specialty for almost ten years. During this time, we have accumulated solid experience working with these machines, supplying spare parts to them, their maintenance, repair and modernization.

The renovated Bv206 vehicles

We have eliminated the main drawback of the BV-206 – its age. Our vehicles is after full maintenance and restoration and equipped with new – powerful, simple and reliable – Cummins or Iveco diesel engines

BV206 vehicles for sale
Bv206 spare parts

Bv206 spare parts

Over the years of working with Bv206, we have established reliable supply channels for various spare parts and started our own production of components for these vehicles. We offer official cooperation and delivery of the parts you need to most countries of the world.

Our services

Routine maintenance and repair of any complexity. Modernization, tuning, and refinement of vehicles for your tasks. Works of any complexity – from maintenance of the chassis, to remotorization and complete restoration of the vehicle.

Our services

Recent updates

Creating a website is not a quick process. We are gradually filling our website with useful products and publications to make it easier for you to find what you need. Stay tuned for our updates – this section is dedicated to them.

New products on the site

Our news

  • Self-locking differential for Bv206

    We know – you’ve been waiting for it. Reliable. Effective. Easy to install. Easy to operate. It does not require switching on and off. It’s all it – our self-locking differential for your Bv206.

  • The remotorization is our specialization

    All-terrain vehicles are our specialty. It so happened that the main all-terrain vehicle we are working with is the Bv206. According to the reviews of our customers, we know that age is the main problem of this all-terrain vehicle. Most often they complain about the old, exhausted engines. We love our work, and most of […]

  • The new site

    We have updated our website. It has become more modern, more convenient. and more clearly. We try to make it easier for you to find what you need. Our new website contains three main sections that reflect the whole essence of our productions: Our site is still small, but we try to fill it with […]

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