Our services

Many years of experience working with Hagglunds Bv206 vehicles allows us to offer you maintenance services for your Bv206. We perform works of any complexity – from basic maintenance and minor repairs, to complete overhaul and repair of all-terrain vehicles.

Bv206 maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair of Bv206 vehicles

General maintenance and repair of your BV-206 – from oil change to complete overhaul and repair.

Our services

Bv-206 remotorization

A global update that allows you to “breathe new life” into your BV-206. Instead of the old engine, we are installing a new diesel. Automatic transmissions are also being replaced, other all-terrain vehicle systems are being refined and changed.

Bv206 wheels restoration

Bv206 wheels refurbishment

Restoration of road wheels and support wheels is an excellent budget alternative to buying new spare parts

Bv206 drive sprockets restoration

Bv206 sprockets refurbishment

Restoring worn–out drive sprockets is an excellent budget alternative to buying new spare parts.

Bv206 vertical hydraulic system

Vertical hydraulic cylinder installation

Modernization of the Bv206 steering and hydraulic system, which significantly expands its capabilities.