Bv206 drive sprockets refurbishment

The Bv206 has 8 drive sprockets. Their replacement is not a cheap procedure, especially if we are talking about replacing the entire set. A reliable way to save money is to order the restoration of your stars.

Prerequisites for the restoration of Bv206 sprockets

The drive sprocket Bv206 is a steel wheel on which a polyurethane crown. During operation, something rarely happens to the steel base itself, but the crown can either wear out physically, or break away from the steel base. In both cases, recovery drive sprockets is possible.

A special problem is damage to the sprocket slots. This is usually due to the loosening of the sprocket mounting bolt. With minor damage, restoration of the slots is possible. With a significant – recovery is likely to be impractical.

Procedure for restoring sprockets

Restoring sprockets includes the following steps:

  • cleaning of asterisks from dust and dirt;
  • checking the geometry of the sprocket base and slots – if possible and necessary, the geometry and slots are restored;
  • removing the old rim;
  • sandblasting;
  • revision of the base of the sprocket;
  • welding of the crown;
  • cutting, elimination of welding defects;
  • painting.

After painting, the sprockets are packed and sent to the Customer.

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